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Aluminum Angle Profiles  
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P19191 Angle Profile 19x19x1,6mm Cantoneira 19x19x1,6mm Clique para solicitar
P31199 Angle Profile 30x30mm reinforced Cantoneira 30x30mm reforçado Clique para solicitar
P31313 Angle Profile 31,7x31,7x3,2mm Cantoneira 31,7x31,7x3,2mm Clique para solicitar
P38385 Angle Profile 38x38mm reinforced Cantoneira 38x38mm reforçado Clique para solicitar
P38383 Angle Profile 38,1x38,1x3mm Cantoneira 38,1x38,1x3mm Clique para solicitar
P43038 Angle Profile 38,1x38,1x6,4mm Cantoneira 38,1x38,1x6,4mm Clique para solicitar
P43051 Angle Profile 51x51x3,2mm Cantoneira 51x51x3,2mm Clique para solicitar
P43050 Angle Profile 51x51x6,4mm Cantoneira 51x51x6,4mm Clique para solicitar
P60199 Angle Profile 60x60mm reinforced Cantoneira 60x60mm reforçado Clique para solicitar
P00199 Angle Profile 100x100 reinforced Cantoneira 100x100 reforçado Clique para solicitar

The Angles Profiles are used to mount without the use of conectors.

In combination with the connectors, serves to increase the bond strength and give greater stability to structures to withstand higher load.

When assembled with the threaded stud for receiving finishing flat elements, for example, painted steel sheets, MDF, acrylic or polycarbonate.

The Angles Profiles must be secured with T-Bolt (M6 or M8) or Nuts inserted in the channels of the profiles and bolts to the proper length.

Angles can be sold per meter or units.

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